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Duesenberg Dragster

Duesenberg Dragster


The Dragster is a solidbody, single pickup, 22 fret electric guitar, featuring a coil-tap wiring, top binding and a 647mm scale.

Following classic rock ideals, the Dragster is mainly made of premium mahogany. The one-piece mahogany neck is fitted with a 12″ rosewood fretboard featuring classic dot inlays. We used rosewood as headstock veneer material, which shows some unique lasered in graphics.

In the proper sense of a real workhorse guitar, the Dragster features only one P90 pickup for those who have that true «plug in and play – no fiddling» attitude.  Still, we wanted to give you the opportunity to extend your pallet of tone. So we developed a special wiring, which allows for certain coil-taps and frequency adjustments. All of this is controlled with only one simple 3-way switch.

All our instruments are fitted with our own hardware, which you will only find on a Duesenberg. We design it with attention to even the smallest details to create truly unique instruments from tuner buttons to jack plates.

All our fretboards are carefully pleked and finished by hand for optimum playability and the smooth feel they are famous for.

The Dragster is available in two overall designs: Single Cutaway & Double Cutaway.
The Single Cutaway Edition is available in a classic 2-Tone Sunburst and a Vintage Blonde, while the Double Cutaway Edition is available only in an Oil & Wax finish.

We would be happy to make yours.

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